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갤러리 VANG 브랜딩 컨셉 프로젝트 ( 2016, Concept )
2018.07.15 | 브랜딩/편집 · UI/UX · 캐릭터 디자인

    Designer . Kwon hyeonggi

    2016, Concept Project
    Gallery VANG is a special space display featuring spatial design and architecture design.
    This place provides the optimal enviroment for sending and receving special meaning to the value of spatial space.
    In relation to the basic concept, we identtified the main connection point in the chinese character below.

    房 (korean pronuciation; bang) is a chinese word meaning space or a room, and in a deeper sense,
     it's a place where objects exist, and there's this object that surrounds the object.

    to borrow the meaning of this chinese character, the shape of the character of the chinese and
    the shape of a trapezoid has created a meaning of space.


    diagonal line
    : is a symbolic form of the gallery VANG.

    the landscape from the form of diagonal line,
    it means a creative space that can inspire the viewer to see, breaking away from old meaning of old space


    This Project is Not official, Only for Personal Portfolio use

    To see another project : BEHANCE



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